Get your fuel tax report easily with Services P.L.

Exhausted by your fuel tax reports? You would be very happy if someone else could take care of it? Services P.L. is the partner that you need.

Services P.L. offers you a reliable and professional all inclusive service. No more hassle, we do your fuel tax reports (IFTA) quarterly. We do your mileage reports for New Mexico, Kentucky, New York & Oregon states as well.

We use the latest technology software and tools to provide you with compliant reports that meet all applicable standards. Your reports are always available in your user account for you to download at any time.

Processing of your data

Producing your reports requires the acquisition of various data. Our efficient and experienced staff enter meticulously all the require data to produce your fuel tax and mileage reports, accurately and flawlessly. Services P.L. also compile all your trip sheets.

We can also process your GPS data, import your fuel purchases, as well as importing the miles traveled on the "New York Thruway". We are always on the lookout for new technologies that allow us to provide you with fast and impeccable service.

Production of your fuel tax reports

Each quarter, Services P.L. compiles your data and produces your IFTA fuel tax report and forwards it to your home territory. The IFTA report is mandatory even if you have no data to compile for a quarter. Services P.L. ensures that your reports are sent every quarter in order to avoid late fees and penalties.

The same process is used for producing your mileage tax reports. The state of New York, Oregon, Kentucky, and New Mexico all requires their own mileage tax report. Our competent staff have all the necessary knowledge to produce these reports.

Surrounded by exceptional partners such as Fuel Tax System, we are delighted to offer you a tax and mileage reporting service that meets your needs and allows you to focus on growing your business. We take great pride in saving you time and money.