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You need a permit for the New York (HUT) or Oregon states? Running out of time to complete your application? Services P.L. offers you personalized assistance adapted to your needs, saving you precious time.

Get your transport permits

With 20 years of experience in the transport industry, Services P.L. has the expertise and the knowledge necessary to obtain transportation permits.

We efficiently support you in your requests. We make sure that we have all the information required for you to meet all the criteria to successfully get the permits. We also do follow ups during the permit application process. Once you have your permit, we take care of monitoring updates and renewals.

We can make the following permit applications:

  • NIR – Register of owners & operators of heavy vehicle
  • IFTA – Permits & decals
  • CBSA carrier code
  • US DOT & FMCSA numbers
  • IRS — Employer ID Number (EIN)
  • IRS-Heavy Highway vehicle Use Tax (Form 2290)
  • UCR-Unified Carrier Registration
  • SCAC- Standard Carrier Alpha Code

Ordering special permits

Some US states require unit permits as well as special permits: highway use tax, weight distances, excess weight and others. It’s the case for the states of Kentucky, New Mexico, Oregon and New York, who are imposing a tax on the miles traveled in their territory.

It’s easy to get lost in this panoply of permits. Services P.L. answers all your questions and manage to get the permits you really need.

Here are the permits we can order for you:

  • Kentucky Weight Distance
  • New Mexico Weight Distance
  • New York Highway Use Tax
  • Oregon Weight Distance
  • US CBP Transponder
  • Bestpass, E-ZPass, PrePass, etc.
  • Massachusetts Permit to move reducible load
  • New Hampshire Additional Weights
  • New York Divisible Load Overweight permit


  • Vermont Excess Weight Permit
  • Quebec special permits Article 633 & Class 1
  • Ontario Annual Permit

We also provide services to register your vehicles under the International Registration Plan (IRP), get PAPS and PARS barcode labels as well as producing your annual Arkansas report.

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